Low Website Conversion Ratios - How To Avoid Having Them

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Even though almost all IM marketers know about conversion rate, most of them do not actively try to keep testing. The basic approach for doing this is tracking and testing all the pages where you see poor performance. Maybe you use tracking on your site, what are you doing about the pages that are under-performing? The article below tries to explore three things that usually don't go well with site visitors, and may lower the website's conversion ratio.

Stay away from having live chat pop ups on your site that will make your clients mad and your site look bad. This is not the outcome that you want to reach. People who come to your website want to be greeted well, read good articles and have a good time. If they want any kind of help they will definitely search around your site for the link that leads to your support page. Most people will not like that you make them ask for help when it was not necessary. Instead, make sure that your site is easy to get around and makes it possible for things to be located.

If you really want to irritate your readers, or make them leave, take any single piece of content, and divided into multiple pages. This is one of the more agonizing things that a visitor can experience. Readers really like to read things all the way through, which is why you never want to have multiple pages, but one solid page that will not break their train of thought while reading your information.

Split it up with subheadlines if you want to, or add bullet points to highlight specific areas. When compared to a solid document that has flow, multiple pages actually takes away from the content itself.

Convincing compelling webpages are all over the Internet, and sadly, many of them do not have a call to action for visitors to act upon.

This is something you should avoid leaving out because if your site actually does convert, it is a mistake that you may regret later. So when you make a website, every post or page that you put up should have some sort of call to action. This will give the visitors the option of completing this action, which can help you make more sales, and at the very least, test your site to see if it is converting.

When you have a website that sells a product or service, is really good to know that you are offering something of quality. You can tell you are or not if you are making sales, or if customers that have purchased from you before return to buy again. All you have to do now is implement some of the tactics we have shared with you in this article to improve your conversions. If you currently have a low conversion rate on your website, these tips should help you increase your conversions to a much higher level.

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